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Gift ov life
is the premier egg donor program, most referred to by South Africa's leading fertility clinics.

Founded in 2009 and personally managed by two South African women who both have a personal understanding of the pain of infertility.

As a global egg donation agency, based in South Africa, and as founding members of the medical SASREG code of conduct, Gift ov life assists fellow South Africans and international recipients. Our online database of 100's of quality egg donor angels, ensures no waiting period for a donor of your choice. We have offices and consulting rooms in Johannesburg and Cape Town, managed personally by founders Tami and Dawn. Known for our professionalism, integrity and high care of recipients and donors alike, the Gift ov life team support you through a seamless egg donation process, in what we hope will be an end to your infertility journey.

Our world class egg Donation Program is supported by South Africa's leading Fertility Clinics, ensuring the best possible chance of conception via IVF egg donation as well as confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed. Whilst we work with many different fertility specialists, we are proud to be recommended by all the top fertility clinics in South Africa, including, but not limited to Cape Fertility Clinic, Medfem, Aevitas, Gynomed, Sandton Fertility Clinic, Wijnland Fertility Clinic and Natal Fertility Clinic. These clinics all recognise our experience, clnic support, track record, professionalism and renowned egg donor program, in their referral of Gift ov life to their patients.

We are proud to have facilitated 1000's of egg donation IVF cycles for couples from South Africa and, among others, from Australia, the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, Africa and New Zealand - making Gift ov life the leading choice for local and global recipients, and a popular destination for South Africa's gorgeous egg donor angels.  Although we are one of South Africas most successful egg donor agencies, our success comes from your success and a happy ending to infertility.

Gift ov life egg donors are very special to us.
We adhere to the egg donation laws, regulations and guidelines provided by the The National Health Act (2003 and 12 March 2012.) Gift ov life and its Co-Founders are in no way involved in sending egg donors outside of South Africa for the purpose of egg donation which can be potentially dangerous.
As per the law, we protect our donors right to anonymity.

Gift ov life reserves the right to provide its recruited egg donors to whomever it chooses, either fertility clinics or individuals.

Our hope is that our infertility journeys and the birth of Gift ov life will assist you in triumphing yours, as we partner with you.

With love, heart & soul...

Gift ov life Founders 


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5 Reasons To Choose Us Quality donors recruited according to World-Class Standards We are recommended by All South Africa’s leading Fertility Clinics One of only 7 SASREG accredited egg donor agencies National Consulting rooms & Online assistance for selecting your donor Recommended for Integrity & Service excellence in egg donation

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